Michaelerplatz, Fountain with Figures, 1010 Vienna


The two fountains marking the corners of the semicircular Michaeler Wing of the Hofburg complex are decorated by ornate figures and give a uniform impression. Furthermore, they are both made of the same materials (red granite from Uddevalla for the basin, Bohemian granite for the paving stones, Lindabrunn conglomerate for the rocks the figures stand on, Laas marble for the figures themselves). “Sea Power” by Rudolf Weyr dates back to 1895, “Land Power” by Edmund von Hellmer was completed two years later in 1897. We were commissioned to restore the fountains from 2001 to 2003. The main challenge involved damage resulting from the fountain water itself, e.g. growth of moss and small weeds (especially beside the fountain), yellow calcium deposits (in the spray zones), and frost wedging or shattering. We focused on the thorough removal of calcium deposits and the cleaning of the stone sculpture carried out in several phases. To this end we used a low pressure blasting system by BMR combined with Swarowsky hollow glass beads chosen for their gentle abrasive action. To replace the missing pieces of the figures we referred to historical photographs and plaster models stored in the basement of the Hofburg.

Project Data:

Address: 1010 Vienna, Michaelerplatz

Service: Stone restoration

Service period: July 2001 to May 2003

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