Lindwurm fountain, 9020 Klagenfurt / Lake Wörth


The Lindwurm fountain on the main square “Neuer Platz” is the city’s landmark and makes reference to the legend of the founding of Klagenfurt. The sculpture of the dragon-like Lindwurm was completed in 1583 (U. and A. Vogelsang). The fountain basin was added in 1624 after completion of the water pipeline; the statue of Hercules opposite the Lindwurm was not added until 1636. In 1972 the fountain had to be shifted to the west of its current location to make way for an underground parking lot. The Lindwurm and the statue of Hercules are made of green chlorite slate from the nearby hill Kreuzbergl – the former was hewn from a single solid block. The coat of arms mounted on the base of the monument is made of marble from Pörtschach and Gummern. Before commencing with the Lindwurm, the statue of Hercules was restored as a pilot project from 1992–94 in the BDA studios. Dr. Rohatsch from the University of Technology, Vienna, was in charge of the petrografic investigation. Based on information gleaned from this study we drew up the concept for overall restoration which was to include not only cleaning (JOS Piccolo) and consolidation (Paraloid B 72) but also large-scale biocide treatment and desalination of the base. Replacement stone parts were reinforced and anchored perfectly into place with a cement developed especially for Kreuzbergl slate by Symat. Smaller blemishes were left as historical vestiges and only larger damages or missing pieces were corrected or replaced using a material adjusted to match Kreuzbergl slate in texture and color.

Project Data:

Address: 9020 Klagenfurt / Wörterseeh, Neuer Platz
Service: Stone restoration
Service period, restoration: 1994 to May 1997


Photo Gallery:

After restoration
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