The Restorer:

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The main job of the restorer is to conserve and restore works of art and cultural heritage objects. Until 1900 most restorers were artists who saw their task in restoring monuments to what was assumed to be their original condition. Often, however, they would go as far as to improve what they perceived as imperfections in the historical objects. In many cases the objects were altered beyond recognition or to a point where only very little of the original material was left intact. This spawned a counter movement against reconstruction. Gradually, the age-value of the object was recognized and began to take on a significance of its own.

Today the restorers’ work is influenced increasingly by the natural sciences. New developments, methods, and materials are being borrowed from these fields. Restorers are expected to be both craftspeople who possess a wide range of skills and aesthetes with artistic training and intuition. They must acquire in-depth knowledge about the objects they work with and about the formal and material changes that have taken place throughout history. They must be well informed about art history and also have a strong understanding of chemistry and physics.

In Austria restorers usually have a university degree. During the course of their studies they specialize in a certain material and object category (painting, objects, stone, textiles, paper, etc.). Graduates earn the academic title of Master of Arts. Our company employs restorers specialized in various fields.


Cleaning, desalination, stabilization, structural stabilization, supplementation, reconstruction, waterproofing

Cleaning: water

Cleaning: sandblasting
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Cleaning: laser >>more info



Stone indent repair (stonemasonry)
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Structural pinning
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Replacement of missing parts

Replacement of missing parts

Making lime putty

Raw materials preparation

Raw materials preparation

Surface treatment

Final waterproofing

Photo Gallery

Pestsäule Am Hof

Mariasäule am Inn


Spinnerin am Kreuz


Graz, Landhaushof

Vienna, Hofburg Stallburg

Vienna, Strudlhofstiege

Vienna, St. Michael

Vienna, Belvedere Eckpavillon

Vienna, Hernalser Gürtel

Vienna, Haus der Industrie

Vienna, Naturhistorisches Museum

Vienna, Naturhistorisches Museum

Vienna, Johann-Straussgasse

Vienna, Belvedere Sphingen

Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee

Klosterneuburg, Stiftskirche

Vienna, Schubertpark

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