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Klaus Wedenig is not just the boss, he is also a co-worker and friend. His motto is “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, and with this attitude he creates a sense of unity and team spirit and ensures the smooth operation of both companies.

Klaus Wedenig was born in Klagenfurt/Austria in 1963. It became evident early on that he had a strong interest in stone and stone working. When he was still a boy, he spent a significant part of his free time with Heinz Goll, a well-known Carinthian sculptor who taught him a lot about working with wood, stone, and metal. After completing compulsory school, Klaus Wedenig started an apprenticeship for wood and stone sculpture with Arnulf Pichler in Klagenfurt.

From 1981 to 1984 he worked for the company Wilhelm Schmeiser in Vienna and immersed himself in the skills he had acquired up to that point. He also attended the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg.

In 1983 he began studying Medailleurkunst und Kleinplastik (medal making and small sculpture) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, graduating in 1987.

In 1986 and 1987 he was awarded the “Meisterschulpreis” for artistic achievement by Franz Xaver Ölzant.

In 1988 he founded a one-man firm for sculpture and stone restoration work. Even after finishing his studies, Klaus Wedenig continued to expand his knowledge and skills, acquiring the latest techniques in stone restoration through internships in restoration studios at the Bundesdenkmalamt at the Arsenal in Vienna. From 1994 to 1996 he taught at the vocational school for woodworking and musical instrument making (Berufsschule für Holzbearbeitung und Musikinstrumentenerzeugung) in Vienna’s 15th district.

In 1998 Klaus Wedenig founded the company Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. , which he has run ever since in addition to the one-man firm founded in 1988.

He continued to expand his scope by registering the following trades: sculpture in 2002 and stonemasonry including artificial stone and terrazzo making in 2005. In 2006 he became a Master Sculptor after passing the Master Craftsman’s Examination.

Through his passion for sculpture, stone working, and stone conservation Klaus Wedenig has been able to acquire extensive skills and know-how in the field of stone restoration. Moreover, he has also made quite a name for himself in the international restoration scene. He has a broad foundation of expertise. By collaborating with other specialists from various companies and different trades, he is constantly expanding this foundation and passing his skills on to his co-workers or profiting from their experience.


In addition to his work as a restorer Klaus Wedenig is also a successful sculptor and sgraffito artist:
2009 “Schwarze Gründe”, Galerie der Freischaffenden, Lange Gasse 14, 1080 Vienna
1996 Exhibition at the main square (Hauptplatz), 2700 Wiener Neustadt
1993 Kunstwerk Wien, Lorenz-Mandl Gasse, 1160 Vienna
1993 Wassertor, summer exhibition at Arne-Karlsson-Park, 1090 Vienna
2006 Passes the Master Craftsman’s Examination: Master Sculptor
2005 Registers the trade of stonemasonry including artificial stone and terrazzo making
2002 Registers the trade of sculpture
1998 Founds the company Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. and becomes its director
1994–1996 Teaches at the Berufsschule für Holzbearbeitung und Musikinstrumentenerzeugung, 1150 Vienna
1989–1991 Internships at restoration studios at the Bundesdenkmalamt, Arsenal, Vienna
1988 Founds a one-man firm for sculpture and stone restoration work
1987–1988 Internships at the stonecutting company Siegfried Stindl, Vienna
1987 Graduates and earns his Master's degree
1983–1987 Studies Medailleurkunst und Kleinplastik at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Professor Ferdinand Welz and Franz Xaver Ölzant
1981–1984 Works as stone sculptor and plasterer for the company Wilhelm Schmeiser, Vienna
1981 Attends the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg
1979–1981 Wood and stone sculpture apprenticeship with Arnulf Pichler in Klagenfurt
1963 Born in Klagenfurt

Mag. Klaus Wedenig



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