Laser Cleaning of Stone Surfaces


We pay special attention to selecting the optimal cleaning method for each particular material and type of damage. For this we employ a range of abrasive blasting processes. In addition, we have increased our use of the Palladio Nd:YAG system for laser cleaning since 2009.

Focusing a high-energy laser beam generates a plasma that thermomechanically loosens the layer to be removed and blasts it away. As opposed to the mechanical ablation produced by various blasting processes, laser cleaning does not destroy fine details or traces of original workmanship. The qualified restorer is thus able to achieve excellent cleaning results while keeping the surface of the artwork and layers of color as intact as possible.

It is necessary to take elaborate safety precautions at the workplace. These include protective clothing, protective goggles, sealing off the site, warning signs, among others. Our laser staff has the laser safety certification required for technical applications (Laserschutzbeauftragte für technische Anwendungsbereiche).


Laser Cleaning




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