The Company

In 1988 Klaus Wedenig founded Mag. Klaus Wedenig Restaurierung & Konservierung, a one-man firm for sculpture and stone restoration work. In 1998 he founded the company Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. In the 20+ years that these two companies have been conserving stone monuments and historical plaster surfaces they have restored over 1,000 objects.

The restoration team at Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. currently consists of 50 co-workers. Many of them are experts and art historians with academic credentials in their fields and are qualified to write appraisals, expert reports, and project calculations as well as provide documentation and conduct maintenance, conservation, repair, restoration, and damage prevention work.

Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. – founded in 1998


Mag. Klaus Wedenig Restaurierung & Konservierung, one-man firm – founded in 1988


The Boss:


Mag. Klaus Wedenig

Klaus Wedenig is not just the boss, he is also a co-worker and friend. His motto is “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, and with this attitude he creates a sense of unity and team spirit and ensures the smooth operation of both companies.
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What We Do:

Stone restoration work calls for a combination of various skills and specialties. Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. can deliver a wide range of services, ensuring smooth operation and perfect results. Our team of in-house experts consists of:

COworkers – The Team

Every coworker contributes his or her particular skills, training, and experience, whether as a sculptor, restorer (stone, plaster, stucco, wall painting), or stonemason. The restoration of historical monuments is a diverse and challenging task that involves artistic and skilled labor and provides plenty of opportunities for manifold talents to develop to their full potential. Over the years the various unique personalities of our co-workers have grown into a dynamic organism – the team is more than the sum of its parts.

COworker - Office:

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