to the home page of Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. and Mag. Klaus Wedenig Restaurierung & Konservierung. We are two companies specializing in the conservation and restoration of historic monuments, wall paintings, and architectural surfaces made of stone, plaster, Roman cement, stucco, terracotta, and concrete. Our website will give you an overview of the range of services we offer as well as a summary of our current and completed projects. You will also find project indexes (by name and year) and a list of our company locations.

For the sake of clarity some data has been left in German (name of project, contact info).

Klaus Wedenig and team

Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H.

Lehargasse 7/3, 1060 Wien
Tel. +43 1 409 13 00
Fax: +43 1 409 13 00 3
EMAIL: info@denkmalpflegegmbh.at

Mag. Klaus Wedenig –
Restaurierung & Konservierung

Königshof 2
2462 Königshof
Tel. +43 1 407 28 48
Fax: +43 1 407 28 48 4
EMAIL: info@restorationcompany.at


Meticulous Reconstruction after Conflagration


The task of reconstructing the Sofiensaal (converted into a concert hall in the 1840s by the architects Siccardsburg and Van der Nüll), which was in a state of almost complete ruin after the great conflagration of 2001 and the subsequent years of being left vacant, was another especially extensive project for our company. 3,700 ornamental plaster pieces were recast in our studio in Königshof based on the fragments made available to us. Approximately 70,000 leaves of gold were needed in order to restore the gilded stucco to its original state.

>>more info: Sofiensäle

Constantia and Fortitudo Back on the Roof of Vienna’s Central Fire Station


In the tragic crane accident of 2007 Lorenzo Matielli’s monumental group of figures above the gable of the former Civil Armory was almost completely destroyed. Repair work went beyond the usual reconstruction of broken sculptural parts to include the sculptural reconstruction of an entire figure. Using historical photographs it was also possible to correct mistakes made during post-1945 reconstruction work.

>>more info: Zentralfeuerwache „Am Hof“

Laser Cleaning of Stone Surfaces


We pay special attention to selecting the optimal cleaning method for each particular material and type of damage. For this we employ a range of abrasive blasting processes. In addition, we have increased our use of the Palladio Nd:YAG system for laser cleaning since 2009.

>>more info: Laser Cleaning

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